Our superannuation services

We offer competitive advice costs at Cooke Financial Advisers Pty Ltd in Deakin.Contact us today to speak to our staff about the best superannuation option for you. We can tailor a package to give you the best option for your money.

Superannuation funds

When you choose a superannuation fund, you need to select the best strategy for investment of your funds that will only be accessed upon your retirement. You want to find a superannuation fund that will give you high potential for returns whilst minimising the risks. With our extensive superannuation knowledge, Cooke Financial Advisers Pty Ltd can help you with superannuation advice to best suit your needs.

Retirement plans

Your superannuation savings can be one of the most tax effective ways of saving for the long term. The Australian government want to avoid situations where you will retire with no savings and depend on the state. As a result, the government have developed many tax breaks within superannuation, aiming to help you save more money for your retirement. Speak to Cooke Financial Advisers Pty Ltd today to find out more about creating a retirement plan for you.


Cooke Financial Advisers Pty Ltd provide personal insurance services including Income Protection,Trauma Insurance, Life and TPD insurance inside or outside superannuation. We help ensure that you or your business is well protected against any unforseen events.

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